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TRI-O-BLOCK Neck Superstar

The term trioblok is used for a combination of rinser, filler & closure equipment. It incorporates rinsing, any type of filling & closing system. Various combination are possible depending upon the type of product, container, closure, & capacity required

Neck superstar is an innovative technology of rinsing, filling, capping & bottle handling of international standard. It allows handling without equipment change over, for bottles with different sizes & diameters.

Salient Features
  • Unique design for pet handling
  • No change parts reqd. except at outfeed
  • No height adjustments reqd. for different pack sizes
  • No physical contact between bottle & washing nozzles
  • Adjustable vent tube for different fill height
  • Collapsable capping head
  • Adjustable permanent magnet torque head
  • Non lubricating gear train, bushes & capper turret
  • All safeties encorporated in plc
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Application for Soft drink & Beers
Configuration 6x6x3  9X9X3 12X12X4 15X15X5 24X24X6 30X30X8 30X40X10 40X50X15
(for 500 ML)
24 36 50 65 100 150 240 300
for Mineral water, Juices
(for 1000 ML)
24 36 60 75 120 150 200 250

  1. Configuration 6x6x3 implies
    the first number implies ----- Rinsing Nozzles,
    the second number implies ----- Filling Valves,
    the third number implies ----- Closing Heads

  2. All the Capacities are in Bottles/min.